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Emily Prentiss, a beloved character from the hit show Criminal Minds, made us gasp when we heard that she had died in the Season 6 finale of the series. But did Emily Prentiss really die? The answer is no. In fact, her death was part of a larger plan to protect her from a dangerous villain named Scratch.

During the final episode of Season 6, Emily was forced to go undercover to investigate Scratch and his criminal activities. During this mission, she was captured by him and brutally tortured in order to obtain information. However, Emily managed to escape and faked her own death so that Scratch wouldn’t be able to find her again.

Her friends and co-workers were devastated when they found out about her supposed death, and it seemed like she was gone for good. However, months later in Season 7 it was revealed that Emily had actually survived and was living under an assumed identity in Paris. She eventually returned to the BAU team at the end of the season so she could help them take down Scratch once and for all.

Since then, Emily has been a recurring character on Criminal Minds as one of its most beloved agents. Though she faced certain death many times over the years, Emily has alays come out on top due to her bravery and intelligence. We are glad that she didn’t really die all those years ago!

The Return of Emily Prentiss

Yes, Emily Prentiss (played by Paget Brewster) returned as a regular character on the show “Criminal Minds” in Season 12. She had previously been a recurring character in Seasons 6-8 before leaving for a period of time. She returned for a brief appearance in Season 11 during the episode “Tribute,” but she officially rejoined the team as a regular cast member for Season 12 after fellow co-star Thomas Gibson was dismissed from the show.

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Did Emily Prentiss Die in Season 6 of Criminal Minds?

No, Emily Prentiss did not die in season 6 of Criminal Minds. Instead, she faked her death due to an assignment from the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol). After beng kidnapped and held hostage by a group of international criminals, Emily was tasked with infiltrating the group in order to take them down. To protect her identity, she had to make her team believe she was dead.

When the team found out what had really happened, they were obviously shocked and upset but ultimately relieved that their friend and colleague was alive and safe. Emily’s return was met with a warm welcome from the team who were all very happy to see her again. The episode of her return was widely praised by viewers for its emotion-filled and heartfelt scenes as the team welcomed her back into their fold.

Did Hotch Know Emily Prentiss Was Alive?

Yes, Hotch knew that Emily was alive. At the end of the season 6 finale, it was revealed that Hotch and J.J. had known about Emily’s survival all along, but had kept it a secret for her safety. They had arranged for her to have new identities and friends so that no one would be able to trace her whereabouts. This allowed Paget Brewster to exit the show without disrupting the plotline.

Does Emily Prentiss Die in ‘Criminal Minds’ Season 13?

No, Emily Prentiss does not die in Season 13 of the television show Criminal Minds. While she is put in a dangerous situation and subjected to Scratch’s cruelties, she ultimately survives and is able to escape with the help of her colleagues. Although she is badly injured, Prentiss’ survival is a testament to her strength and determination, as well as the loyalty of her friends and co-workers.

The Reasons Behind the Departure of JJ from ‘Criminal Minds’

JJ (Jareau), played by A. J. Cook, was an important character on Criminal Minds from the show’s launch in 2005 until her departure in 2011. Cook’s exit from the show was due to budget cuts; the studio wanted to reduce costs, so both Cook and co-star Paget Brewster, who played the only other female field agent on the show, were let go. JJ was a beloved member of the team and her absence had a significant impact on fans of the show. She was an integral part of Special Agent Hotchner’s (Thomas Gibson) team, offering emotional support to the agents and acting as a maternal figure for the younger members. Her departure left a void that coud never quite be filled by other characters or storylines.

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The Reason for Paget Brewster’s Firing from ‘Criminal Minds’ Revealed

Paget Brewster was fired from Criminal Minds in 2014 after the show’s production team decided to make a change in the cast. She had been with the show sice its beginning, playing the role of FBI Special Agent Emily Prentiss. According to Paget, she was informed that they wanted “new women” and that her contract wouldn’t be renewed. The decision came as a shock to both her and many of her co-stars, with showrunner Eric Messer ultimately quitting in protest. Paget’s firing marked the end of an era for Criminal Minds, as she was one of the last original cast members remaining on the show.

Replacement of Prentiss in Season 8 of ‘Criminal Minds’

In season 8 of “Criminal Minds”, FBI Linguistics expert Dr. Alex Blake (played by Jeanne Tripplehorn) replaced SSA Emily Prentiss, who had been part of the BAU team for several seasons. Her appointment was met with some mixed reactions as the team had grown close to Prentiss and had to adjust to having a new team member. Dr. Blake brings her own expertise in linguistics and extensive experience in the field to the BAU, and helps them track down criminals through her knowledge of languages and cultures.

Emily’s Return Season

Emily Prentiss returns in Season 7 of Criminal Minds. After being presumed dead, she is revealed to be alive when Ian Doyle poses a risk to his son. The BAU team is shocked but relieved at her return, and together they are able to save the young boy and close the case. However, their methods in doing so come under scrutiny from the Board of Directors.

Does Aaron Hotchner Die in Season 4 of ‘Criminal Minds’?

No, Aaron Hotchner does not die in Season 4. At the end of the episode “… And Back”, the Reaper surprises Hotchner at his house and shoots him off-screen, although it is never revealed if he was fatally wounded or not. Hotchner is then rushed to the hospital in Season 5, although under Morgan’s name, an attempt by the Reaper to legally declare Hotchner dead. Despite this, Hotchner survives and recovers from his wounds and continues to appear on the show afterwards.

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Who is the Father of Emily Prentiss’ Unborn Child?

Emily Prentiss was impregnated at age fifteen by her childhood friend, John Cooley. It is unclear whether the pregnancy was a result of consensual sex or if Emily was a victim of rape or assault. However, she ultimately chose to terminate the pregnancy in Italy, where abortion is legal and accessible.

Who is the Father of Emily Prentiss’ Baby in ‘Criminal Minds’?

In the show Criminal Minds, Emily’s baby daddy was revealed to be John, a high school classmate of hers. The two had a brief relationship when they were teenagers and Emily found out she was pregnant. Unfortunately, John was not around to support her and Emily eventually chose to terminate the pregnancy. This is why John apologized to her outside the house for not being there for her in Italy during her time of need.

Who Replaced Hotch on ‘Criminal Minds’?

After Hotch stepped down from his role as Unit Chief in Season 12, he was replaced by Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster). Prentiss had been a member of the team since Season 4, and she was promoted to Unit Chief after Hotch’s departure. However, during the first two episodes of Season 13, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau (A.J. Cook) temporarily took over as interim Unit Chief while Prentiss was away on assignment. In the third episode of Season 13, Prentiss resumed her role as Unit Chief.

Where Did Hotchner Go?

Hotchner entered the Witness Protection Program, taking his son Jack with him, to protect them both from serial killer Peter Lewis. The program provides protection to individuals who have been threatened by criminal activities and its participants are given new identities and relocated to a different location. Hotch’s new identity and location is not known; however, it is assumed he is living in a safe place with Jack.

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Will Hotch Return for Season 15?

At this time, there is no way to confirm whether Hotch will return for the final season of Criminal Minds. The show wrapped up filming in May and is expected to air in the 2019-2020 season, so any possible return for Hotch would have already been filmed. Until further information is released, fans will have to wait and see if Hotch makes an appearance in the last season.

Does Hotch Die in ‘Criminal Minds’?

No, Hotch does not die in Criminal Minds. After 11 seasons, his character disappeared as he was put into witness protection following his son’s involvement in a number of stalking incidents. He reappeared in two episodes of season 12 before vanishing again on a “special assignment.” He has not been seen since then and it is unknown what his current status is or if he will return to the show.


In conclusion, Emily Prentiss did not die in Criminal Minds. After being pulled from the scene by Scratch and subjected to his cruel methods of interrogation, she was eventually able to escape with the help of her team. Her experience left her shaken, but ultimately she survived and returned to the show as a regular cast member in season 12. Even though it seemed like her death was imminent at one point, Emily Prentiss ultimately managed to survive and continue on as a beloved character on Criminal Minds.

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