The Reaper (Criminal Minds) (2023)

George Foyet or also known as ''The Reaper'', and ''The Boston Reaper. He is one of BAU's best-known enemies, along with others like Mr. Scratch, Cat Adams and the The Replicator. He appears as the main antagonist in the fourth season of Criminal Minds.


  • 1 History
    • 1.1 Background
  • 2 Criminal Minds
    • 2.1 Omnivoro
    • 2.2 To Hell and Black, part 2
    • 2.3 Nameless, Faceless
    • 2.4 Outfoxed
    • 2.5 100
  • 3 Modus Operandi
  • 4 Profiler
  • 5 Rivalry with Hotch
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Foyet was born in 1968, with a violent father and a fearful mother, he was in constant anger of its father since while his was without can do nothing. Because of this he made him create his opinion abou couples, even to the point of sexism and soon after he grew up and his hatred became his compulsive desire to kill.

Criminal Minds


When Shaunessy is close to death, Hotchner and the other members of the vain to investigate ''The Reaper'' who returned to kill, he then begins by killing a man and his girlfriend that he stabbed to death and then he kills a couple of old men shooting at them. He then calls Hotch and tries to convince him to make a deal as it was with Shaunessy that Hotch refuses and says he'll get it, then Foyet goes to the bus and kills several people. In the end he proves himself Foyet as The Reaper when he forges his own suicide with blood and goes behind Roy Colson for him to write his story, BAU goes after him that after many insistence ends up being arrested, he then leaves the jail forging a vomit and blood, and running away.

To Hell and Black, part 2

Foyet returns in the final episode waiting for Hotchner's apartment, he then invades the apartment, he then sneaks in behind Hotchner and sneaks so he should have made the deal and points the gun to, the episode ends with a black screen.

Nameless, Faceless

Foyet appears in this episode, with Hotch in a captive, Foyet torture Hotchm he then says BAU's assumption is incorrect and that he says that the stabbers are impotent and uses knife as a sexual subtitute, he then says that he likes himself mutilate, he is later rescued by BAU and Foyet escapes.


When Miranda started to kill, Foyet soon gave two envelopes to a known serial killer from BAU Karl Arnold, the envelope itself was telling him he was coming back.


Foyet later appears again attacked a United States Marchal, Sam Kassmeyer, he then gets the location of Haley and Jack on Sam's cell phone. Foyet then provokes the Hotch on the cell phone, and kills Haley with a shot leaving Hotch very shaken, Hotch then faces Foyet and ends up having vantage over him, and Foyet dies.

Modus Operandi

Foyet fights couples on hightways he likes to kill younger woman since he chose to kill Nina with a knife and while Diane he just shot her, this all makes him an Omnivore.


Foyet is initially a sociopath, who has been profiled as an astute narcissist who has managed to manipulate the authorities so that they surrender themselves to fulfill their goals. He has control needs since he made a deal with Tom Shaunessy only to see him destroy himself gradually after Tom Shaunessy died, so that he would kill again. He has been described as a predator and also an omnivore since he does not have a specific target of a victim. He is disciplined, and thus making it difficult to keep order in his daily life. He is also inflexible since he can not maintain close relationships or work closely with others near him. He is attracked to teenage girls and the BAU believes he may be working as an authority figure in a field involving teenagers or as a middle school teacher, counselor or choach. He also could have made been accused of sex crimes against teenage girls.

He kills his victims with no mercy or pity for his victims. He also wants his friends to die in his hands, because of this that Morgan survived at the end of the episode, because that he was unconscious. To make up for it, The Reaper leaves a 44-degree Magnum round so he knows he could have killed if he wanted.

Foyet is also a mix of spree killer and serial killer. He often altenates by killing sessions and periods of chillingly in the middle, shortly after hiding for months or years to only resume afterwards with the killings again. Quite unlike a typical assassin, Foyet does not feel like dying alone. And unlike a serial killer, Foyet was able to kill several people at the same time, being evidenced after a conversation of him with Hotch that soon after he killed all including the driver shooting and stabbing them to death. For this reason it is very difficult to rank it in any of the categories and it could be a new breed of killer that could be classified in the future later. It can also be argued that Foyet to be a 100 killer, since he killed two people in a certain period of time using a firearm and a knife to cut off his victims.

Rivalry with Hotch

FBI analyst Penolope Garcia cross-references Foyet and The Reaper and soon deduces that he and The Reaper are the same people. As a True Crime reporter, interview with Foyet, in which he pulls out a gun and says that The Reaper was found dead. BAU traces Foyet's cell phone and manages to trap him only so he escapes pretending blood loss. In the episode later, The Reaper suppresses the Hotchner sneaking by behind and kidnapping at the end of the screen.

In season, Hotchner is taken to the hospital more with that of agent Derek Morgan in an attempt try to declare the Hotch as dead. In a flashback Reaper shot him by stabbing him 9 times in total, after which Hotch had to put Haley and his son Jack in witness protection.


Foyet is a serial killer erratic, he is a sadistic and unspeakable killer and totally unreleting, he is a sociopath two shows no remorse for his and actions and also feels a joy in the suffering of others. He is shown to be totally aggressive whenever he has a chance to kill innocent people; he on the other hand hates couples and other signifacant relationships, he also loves to destroy couples to feed his sadism. He is also misleading and manipulative, and known how to cover his tracks and avoid capture. He also despite his psychopathy he has a huge hate for agent Hotch, he is even focused on breaking it and killing his family as violent as possible, which caused his death at the end.


  • As The Reaper:
My Pleasure
~ The Reaper
(Holding Nina Hale at gunpoint) I'm not gonna you. (puts away gun) Shhhhhh.
~ The Reaper
You're welcome.
~ The Reaper
(to Evan Harvey) Are you scared? You should be.
~ The Reaper
(prenteding to be a cop) I'm gonna let you off with a warning.
~ The Reaper
You were at the wrong place at the wrong time.
~ The Reaper
If you stop hunting me, I'II stop hunting them.
~ The Reaper
It's a good deal.
~ The Reaper
There are no guys like me.
~ The Reaper
(silent) You'II regret this
~ The Reaper
Actually, they do.
~ The Reaper
(holding a gun to Morgan's head) Wake up, Derek. It's time to die.
~ The Reaper
(to Hotch) I'II should have made the deal.
~ The Reaper
  • As George Foyet:
Do you have any idea how long it takes to stab someone 67 times
~ Foyet explaining how The Reaper killed his girlfriend.
Stop I'II kill him.
~ Foyet
I'm taking him with me. I'II let him go as soon as I'm safe
~ Foyet
I said I'II kill him!
~ Foyet
You think I'm afraid to die?
~ Foyet
I wanna be bigger than Bundy
~ Foyet
If you know me so well then how come so many had to die to bring you here?
~ Foyet
That's right. (looks at Morgan) Hello, Derek.
~ Foyet
I'II be more famous than you'II even realize.
~ Foyet
You should have made the deal
~ The Reaper
How's my friend, Agent Morgan?
~ Foyet
Do you want to see my scars?
~ Foyet
Well? Do you like 'em? Yours are gonna look just the same.
~ Foyet

Known Victims

  • Foyet's parents
  • Amanda Bertram
  • Henry Alan Ward
  • Renata Joyce
  • Keira Calder
  • Nina Haley
  • Evan Harvey
  • Arthur Lanessa
  • Diane Lanessa
  • Seven unknown people who were on the bus
  • Sergeant Michael O'Mara
  • Derek Morgan
  • Roy Colson
  • Aaron Hotchner
  • Sam Kassmeyer
  • Haley Brooks
  • Jack Hotchner



  • He is very similar to other Criminal Minds villains such asFrank Breitkopt,Henry Grace,The Replicator,Mr. ScratchandCat Adams, as everyone has a rivalry with one of BAU members, Frank Breikopt for Jason Gideon, Henry Grace for David Rossi, The Replicator for Alex Blake, Mr. Scratch for Hotch and Cat Adams for Spencer Reid.
  • Foyet is very similar withNate Haskella serial killer who appears in CSI: Las Vegas, since both are narcissists, sociopaths and manipulators. They also have a rivalry with the main protagonist of their series and both are killed by them, Foyet to Hotchner and Haskell to Langston.
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